Scott Thomas

Cindy Thomas


Scott and Cindy Thomas are the founding and Lead Pastors of Free Life Chapel - a multi-cultural, multi-generational congregation birthed in 2011. Designed to reintroduce Jesus to the un-churched, de-churched and over-churched, FLC is a passionate, creative and safe-place for people to encounter and grow their faith in Christ.

Scott is an author, conference speaker and certified life coach with several formal educational degrees. His interests include hunting, the gym, golf, Judaic/Hebraic studies (yes, he actually reads this stuff for fun!), coffee and Reese’s Cups.

Cindy serves as the co-pastor at Free Life Chapel, where she speaks on various Sundays throughout the year and leads the FLC office administration. She is the founder of FLC’s Spice Sisterhood and speaks frequently in women’s conferences across the nation. She is a pizza connoisseur, loves to clean, enjoys her spin class and puts ‘cooking’ on the same level as ‘science fiction’.

Scott and Cindy have been serving in full-time church ministry for more than twenty-seven years and have been married for twenty-four years.