We believe that all 66 books of the Bible are God-inspired.



We do not believe in multiple Gods. Instead, we believe that God is “One” - a triune Being - and that His personage is revealed to mankind as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.



Jesus Christ is the Son of God. His earthly mother, Mary, was a virgin who conceived Jesus by the supernatural working of God’s Spirit. Once grown, Jesus lived His life to reveal how we can have relationship with God, our Heavenly Father. At thirty-three years old, Jesus was beaten, crucified, was buried and then resurrected from the dead. Pretty amazing stuff, huh? So, where did Jesus go? Great question… He went back to Heaven where He sits next to God the Father, and talks to God on our behalf.


Holy Spirit

Once we’ve started our daily pursuit of ‘clean living’, Holy Spirit is now eager to take greater control of our lives so He can download and work His special gifts and promised power through us!



We’ve all sinned, messed up and failed to live with complete purity… placing us on the fast-track to hell. The Good News is that forgiveness for our sins is available to everyone who repents – solely because of Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection from the dead. Amazing, huh?! Suddenly, our hearts and lives are renewed, giving us a fresh-out-of-the-box, brand new life in Jesus.


Water Baptism

Water baptism is a major step in your new Christian life! Basically, being baptized gives a bold ‘shout-out’ to everyone in our lives that we have asked Jesus to cleanse our hearts from all our sins. The Bible tells us that even Jesus was baptized, and it requires us to do the same in honor and worship to our Heavenly Father.



Every Christian has a major benefit package! Other than salvation, another reason Jesus was beaten and crucified was to defeat sickness and disease for everyone that lives for Him. Totally awesome, isn’t it? Healing is available for your life, mind and body.



The day is coming when every Christian (both dead and alive) will be ‘taken-up’ (raptured) into heaven where we will meet with Christ. This ‘grand exit’ will take place before the world enters a time of chaos and tribulation. Sound a little “sci-fi”? Nah… just supernatural!